Daniel and Naomi Setiabudi are residents of Jakarta/Bekasi, Indonesia. Daniel is the administrator of the children's feeding program and Connor’s House which provides a variety of benevolent activities including the following: Daniel sees to it that Connor’s House is used to help children or their families with medical needs. Some children come to us alone, others come with their families. We have helped parents in need of cataract surgery, children in need of hospitalization while providing a place for the parents to stay until the child recovers. One boy was brought to us supposedly paralyzed but with proper nourishment and freedom to exercise he was soon climbing stairs unaided. Some, unfortunately, had so many emotional issues that we were unable to help and had to turn them away.

In all cases like these, all expenses are paid for through funds donated to KOI-Kids of Indonesia. Where it is at all possible we pay all administration costs through a separate fund. We want all funds donated to KOI-Kids of Indonesia to go directly to the kids for food, shelter, clothing, medical care and educational opportunities.

Contact Information: Jakarta Phone number: +62 (021) 68879143 or 62-218-159222032

Email address:

We feed hungry children

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Daniel Setiabudi

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