KOI - Kids of Indonesia has grown out of a work started by Steve Cate back in 1968 when he and his family first went to Indonesia. In those early days Steve was often moved to tears as he witnessed the tremendous poverty of so many of the people -- women with infants strapped on their backs rummaging through a mountain of new garbage for anything that could be eaten, children scavenging in the garbage dumps looking for anything that could be recycled. In those days, even the lepers were allowed to circulate throughout the city begging for alms while endlessly wrapping and rewrapping the toeless feet or fingerless hands. Steve rounded the corner on foot one day and found himself face to face with a leper whose nose had been completely eaten away with leprosy.

We feed hungry street children on a daily basis and provide medical care when we can for children and the families of needy children. We have a facility where selected needy children can stay as long as they need to. Some have stayed with us for a few weeks and some have stayed for several months.

We feed hungry children

KOI - kidsofIndonesia


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